Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 
The following article describes what information we gather from you and how we use it.

Our system uses cookies to enable us to track information such as what items were added to your shopping cart, are you logged into a customer account etc. These are known as 'session cookies' and are placed on your computer by our server. That is why you are able to add items to your shopping cart today, shut down your computer, revisit our site the following day and the items are still in your shopping cart. Session cookies expire after 3 days.

Personal Information 
When you place an order with us or register for a customer account, we record your name, address, telephone number and email address. We may use this information to contact you with regards to an order you have placed or a query you have raised with us. We will also use your email address to send promotional emails from time to time. if you no longer wish to receive emails, please log on to your account to manage the status of your subscriptions. Alternatively you can contact us though our contact page. This also applies if you have registered your email address through our mail list page.

Further use of Information 
Other than for the reasons stated above, we will not use your information in any way whatsoever and will not divulge your information to anyone outside of our company.